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How to prevent diesel generators from burning down?

Diesel generator data center machine room power equipment, and diesel generator sets are often burned down. In order to let the data center room normal operation is not affected, to prevent burned in diesel generating sets in the assignments, in addition to homework before the necessary technical protection measures, and the selection of the following a few useful way: 1 for diesel generating set in hygiene diesel generating sets in the assignments, if there is dust, tar and other debris into the internal, would amount to a short circuit medium, can damage the conductor insulation, constitute the turn-to-turn short circuit, current, temperature and burning diesel generating sets. Therefore, dust, water stains and other debris should be prevented from entering the diesel generator set, together with the diesel generator set often to clean the outside, do not let the diesel generator set heat dissipation ribs with dust and other debris, to ensure that the heat dissipation of the diesel generator set is excellent. 2 frequent inquiries, listen carefully, smell peculiar smell immediately stop to inquire whether the diesel generator set vibration, noise and abnormal smell. In the operation of diesel generator set, especially the high-power diesel generator set, it is necessary to check whether the anchor bolt, the end cover of diesel generator set, bearing gland and so on are loose and whether the grounding device is reliable. If the diesel generator set vibration intensifies, the noise increases and the peculiar smell appears, it is necessary to shut down quickly to find out the reason and eliminate the shortcomings.
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